About Us

In a growing global economy,  central to the success of many businesses lies an international expansion strategy. OMAC Africa, a business advisory company, offers international companies a platform to explore and venture into the East African market.  We focus on key strategic objectives of our clients, leveraging on our deep industry expertise and using analytical rigor to help make informed decisions.

Founded by Misbah Mughal, an experienced and seasoned international business advisor with over 14 years of experience in international trade work, OMAC Africa aims to provide you with a seamless journey into  your venture in East Africa. Misbah has worked in Kenya and Tanzania, giving her access to market knowledge, an understanding of local cultural practices and business contacts in both markets.


Market Intelligence

Interested in keeping abreast with the market/specific sector developments? We offer the latest qualitative, quantitative, hybrid and multi method research approaches, which are complemented by a full range of data analytical tools and techniques, secondary data search and analysis skills, to ensure our intelligence meets your specific business needs. We pride ourselves in not only providing the most relevant and impactful insights, but also in becoming your trusted partner.

Market Research

Looking for in-depth sector knowledge, including information about key players within the sector and their interest in furthering business opportunities with your company specifically? We offer a full range of data and information gathering methodologies as stand-alone projects as well as in support of forecast and modeling engagements. We always base proposed research designs on a set of first principles reflecting sound market research practices and a deep and current understanding of the technologies, markets and issues. Talk to us about your specific requirements and we can tailor a service to suit your needs.

Business Leads

Take the guesswork out of selecting highly targeted prospects. Find quality business leads or general leads within specific markets, narrowed down by geography, business type, annual sales, number of employees, credit ratings and more. Our business leads generation service lets you identify the best business leads for you, based on your current customers’ characteristics.

Events & Logistics

Whether you’re looking to run a small training/corporate session or whether you’re looking to do a product launch, we can provide you all the on the ground logistical support necessary. Furthermore, should you need programme arranging services, hire of reliable local taxis, hotel accommodation, etc we are able to assist you.


Would you like to speak us over the phone? Submit your details and we’ll be in touch shortly. You can also email us if you would prefer.